Management Services

Why Choose Pinnacle Group

Our company will treat your property as if it were our own, tailor ourselves to your needs and proactively develop a personalized management team for you.  We appreciate your interest in our company and look forward to working with you.

Scope of Services

As a client of Pinnacle Group you will receive the best in Property Management services from a highly respected professional Property Management Company. Our comprehensive services will handle everything from advertising and leasing to financial record keeping. We know that effective property management requires a unique skill set and knowledge base which is why our efforts are focused on property management versus real estate sales.  If you find yourself in need of real estate sales services we do have the experience and we partner with a Broker who can assist you with your real estate needs.

Accurate Accounting & Reporting

We make owning your property simple; all you have to do is read your monthly statement and receive your monthly check.  With everything we do, we provide our owners and business partners the customer service they desire and are entitled to. With just a phone call or email away we are available to provide personal attention and answer your questions. We can and will tailor your account reports to meet your business needs.

Tenant Selection & Relations

Tenant applications are processed at Pinnacle Group as if we were placing the applicant in one of our homes.  Fees collected from the applicant are used to properly screen and qualify the applicant.  There are several types of screening including; Criminal Background Check, Eviction Screening, Verification of Landlord References, Verification of Employment and/or Income Source. Every effort is made to ensure your property is leased to a qualified tenant to avoid costly vacancies.

Maintenance Repairs & Property Inspections

Maintenance Repairs are critical to the profitability of your property. Poorly managed maintenance can affect vacancy, overall property condition, future maintenance expense, and both sales value and rental value. This is not the place to cut corners.  We have a 24 hour maintenance hotline for emergencies available to our tenants. Because of our long term tenure and established reputation in this business, we are able to negotiate great rates and quick turnaround from our contractors. All maintenance personnel are properly licensed and insured, and we stand behind our work.  Property inspections are imperative to documenting the condition of a property before, during and after a tenant’s occupancy.  In order to avoid any disputes at a later date, we carefully record and document all initial and final inspections.

Collections, Legal Proceedings & Evictions

We are proactive and assertive when it involves rents and outstanding balances.  We have an internal system set to handle collections and necessary court procedures.  Legal Proceedings and Evictions are never fun, but sometimes necessary. Because of our proactive approach to late rental payments, we are often able to collect delinquent rent and retain the tenant. Our screening process eliminates the possibility of the professional rent jumper who habitually neglects his rent payments and moves frequently from place to place, often taking advantage of the individual landlord who lacks the ability to properly screen the applicants. Occasionally, a tenant will have unforeseen financial difficulty and can no longer afford the rent. In these situations, we will work with local assistance agencies and the tenant to collect rent and begin the legal process for eviction when necessary.

Property Preparation

Preparing the Property for Leasing is a service that Pinnacle Group can provide even if you are not a full service client. Painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning and minor repairs can often make a significant difference in the monthly rent we are able to obtain for your property.

Leasing & Vacancy Showing

We answer every incoming leasing call and are available for showings after normal business hours by appointment. Every time a prospective tenant calls they are able to speak to one of our full time licensed agents. In addition, every incoming call, every appointment, and every application are recorded and documented. We pride ourselves in being the best in leasing and providing excellent customer service to our tenants and our numbers reflect it.

Lease Preparation & Execution

Our leases are updated regularly to cover any and all legal documentation required by state and federal laws, as well as Fair Housing Laws and EPA Lead Disclosures. Our comprehensive lease is engineered to protect your interests in the event of any legal dispute. Proper documentation and carefully constructed leases help to avoid expensive litigation.


Everything we do is geared towards a proactive, aggressive marketing plan when dealing with property vacancy.  That is why we customize a marketing plan to meet the needs of the individual property. Since all properties are not alike, we use a proven system of customizing a marketing plan for the owners that target individual needs. Your property is not only displayed on our website, but will also be listed on multiple websites daily until a qualified tenant is located.  We use signage, referrals and community connections to work towards the goal of achieving high occupancy standards.  With creative thinking and hard work we have the philosophy that “everyone needs a place to call home, it is our job to find it”!

HOA Management Services

Pinnacle provides a wide range of Professional HOA management services. We understand the importance maintaining standards in your community. We provide an  experienced staff to carry out  customized services that are specific to your needs. All  designed to help you protect and enhance your investment!